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Monday, June 13, 2011
Whatever type of surfing that you do, being in the ocean is hard on your skin. Post surfing hygiene is essential to keep yourself healthy and in the water year after year.

Ocean salt, wind, sand, and UV rays all contribute to dry skin, chapped lips, irritation and sunburn. A mild body wash like the all natural *Surfer Suds is specially formulated to remove ocean salt and sand while hydrating your skin.

*Surfer Suds is specially designed for post surfing hygiene, as well as being biodegradable, it rinses easily (with minimal water) and hydrates.

Post Surfing Hygiene Tips:
- Remove your wetsuit and any rash guard as soon as possible. Leaving on a damp wetsuit can irritate your skin.
- Wash your body with a mild body wash; the salts from the ocean can dry your skin and be irritating.
- Apply a moisturizing lotion as soon as possible after showering. You will have lost your skin's natural oils from hours in the surf and wind. It is important to replenish your natural oils with a good moisturizer after you surf.
*Rinsing your wetsuit after each surfing session will prolong the life of your wetsuit.


by: Hug a Jug


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